City Streets

LeadDog’s well-known City Streets product provides highly detailed and spatially accurate GIS vector data for capital cities and other urban areas. City Streets integrates seamlessly with our nationwide Major Roads & Highways product. Non-Routing and Routing/navigation versions of City Streets are available for license.

City Streets product includes the following layers & attributes:

Streets – detailed and spatially accurate street centerlines.

Street Names – names are available in English Romanization and the local language.

Street Classifications – identifies the type of street i.e., major, avenue, local, ramp, tunnel, roundabout.

Points of Interest – named buildings and landmarks with over 50 class types.

Land Use – major landmark areas, commercial, recreation, industrial and over 25 landuse types.

Water – major and minor water features; streams, rivers, ponds and lakes.

Railroads – railroad lines and yards.

Airport(s) – airport area and runways, including name.

Routing Attributes (when licensed) – one-way, z-levels, ramps, roundabouts, tunnels, etc, attributes critical for routing and navigation applications.

LeadDog’s City Streets product provides the spatial foundation for our POI+PIC and StreetLevel Imagery products.