Argentina Demographic Maps

LeadDog provides Argentina GIS demographic maps. Through our local map data partners, LeadDog delivers the most current and accurate census map boundaries and demographic variables available.

Argentina boundaries are available to the census tracts levels with over 52,000 polygons nationwide, and to the Departamentos and Fracciones administrative levels. Demographic variables include:

Census Track ID
Census Track Area (km2)
Population by sex
Total Population
Population by age
Population age 0-14
Population age 15-64
Population age 65+
Males age 0-14
Males age 15-64
Males age 65+
Female age 0-14
Female age 15-64
Female age 65+
Population age 3+
Population age 10+
Computer use
Population age 3+using computers
Place of birth
Born in Argentina
Born abroad
Population by literacy
Population living at private housings
Pop in private houses
Type of housings
Private housings
Collective housings
Total housings
Type of private housings
Room at rental buildings
Room at hotel
Building not suitable for living
Mobile house
Housings by ocupation status
Temporarily not occupied
For rent or sale
Under construction
Use for office or shop
For holidays
Not occupied for other reasons
Total housings
Households by water distribution
Piping inside the housing
Out of the housing but inside the property
Out of the property
Water distribution
Households by water supply
Public network of water
Water pump (engine)
Water pump (manual)
Water well
Water supply by truck
From river or creek
Total of water supply
Households by water waste
Sewer public network
Cesspool (with septic chamber)
Cesspool (without septic chamber)
Water waste total
Households by fuel to cook
Gas (Public network)
Bulk gas
Gas (big carafe)
Gas (carafe)
Electric power
Fuel wood or coal
Total Households Fuel to cook
Households with refrigerator
With refrigerator
Without refrigerator
Total Households Refrigerator
Households with line telephone
With Line telephone
Without Line telephone
Total Households Line telephone
Household with computer
With computer
Without computer
Total Households Computer
Household with mobile phone
With Mobile telephone
Without Mobile telephone
Total Households Mobile telephone
Population by age
Population age 0-4
Population age 5-9
Population age 10-14
Population age 15-19
Population age 20-24
Population age 25-29
Population age 30-34
Population age 35-39
Population age 40-44
Population age 45-49
Population age 50-54
Population age 55-59
Population age 60-64
Population age 65-69
Population age 70-74
Population age 75-79
Population age 80-84
Population age 85-89
Population age 90-94
Population age 95+
Total population by age
Population by school assistance
At school
Went to school
Never went to school
Population by school assistance
Population by educational level
Extended elementary
High School
High School (Superior level)
Technical school
Post graduate
Special education
Total population by educational level
Population by complete educational level
Have completed you educational level?
Population by educational level (consolidated)
No education / Incomplete elementary
Complete elementary / Incomplete high school
Complete high school / Incomplete Technicla or College
Technical / College Graduate / post Graduate
Educational level (resumed)
Population by working condition
Working population
Unemployed population
Inactive population
Population by working condition
Households by Socioeconomic Level (SEL)
Households SEL E
Households SEL D
Households SEL C2C3
Households SEL ABC1
Households SEL Total
Population by Socioeconomic Level (SEL)
Population SEL E
Population SEL D
Population SEL C2C3
Population SEL ABC1
Population SEL Total

Other data of interest includes:

Consumer Spending is available for 20 different product categories. Product categories include routine household maintenance, medical products and equipment, consumer electronics and IT equipment, durables for recreation and culture, and toys and games for hobby or sport.

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