Chile Demographic Maps

LeadDog provides Chile GIS demographic maps through our international local map data partners. LeadDog licenses the most updated and accurate census map boundaries and demographic variables available.

Chile boundaries are available to the block level with over 148,000 polygons nationwide, and to the comunas administrative boundary levels. Demographic variables include:

Regional division
Region ID
Name of the Region
Provincial division
Identification of the Province
Name Province
Community division
Identification of the Commune
Name of the Commune
Area Urban – Rural
Type of Housing
Occupancy Condition
Exterior Walls
Roof Deck
Electric Lighting Source
Water Source
Piped water
Hygienic Service Availability (W.C.)
Number of Seats
Total Parts (includes kitchen, not including bathrooms)
Number of Households
Total Bedroom
Total Living-Room Exclusive
Total Livings Exclusive
Total Unique Dining
Total Kitchen Exclusives
Total Paid Work Parts
Total Pieces Study
Total Other Parts
Order number Housing
Type of fuel used for cooking
Parts used only for sleeping
Availability shower
TV White and Black
Color TV
VCR or pasapelículas
Connecting T.V. Cable / Satellite
Minicomponente and / or high-fidelity equipment
Dryer or centrifuge
Microwave oven
Fixed telephone network
Internet connection
Motorcycle, scooter, moped
Car, station
Truck, van, jeep
Boating, sailing, boating
Total Men
Total Women
Total population
Household Type
Home Status (Complete / Incomplete)
Home Order Number
Relationship to Head or Head of Household
Gender of Respondent
Age in years
Total blindness
Total deafness
Disabled / Paralysis
Mental deficiency
Memberships Native or Indigenous Peoples
Birth Place or Commune
Commune Code or Country of Birth
Year of arrival in the country
Usually live in this commune
Commune Code or Country Habitual Residence
Commune or Place Residence in 1997
Commune Code or Country Residence 1997
Know Reading and Writing
Last Approved Level Formal Education
Last Year Approved Course or Formal Education
Current Marital Status
Religious affiliation
Employment Status Previous Week
This work is or was
Commune where works or studies
Commune Code or Country where works or studies
Children born alive
Children Living Today
Last Month Live Birth Birth Son
Last Year Live Birth Birth Son
Order Number Person
Years of study
Five-Year age
disability summary
Code of Occupation (ISCO-88 two-digit)
Code of Economic Activity (ISIC Rev.3 two digits)
Without disabilities

Other data of interest includes:

Consumer Spending is available for 20 different product categories. Product categories include food and non-alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, clothing, and footwear.

Consumer Styles describe 10 different target groups useful for market segmentation, such as demographics, attitudes, and consumer behavior consumption. The target groups include comfortably off empty nesters, well informed modern consumers, affluent highly educated urban families, and younger lower and middle class consumers.

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