Philippines Demographic Maps

LeadDog provides the latest Philippines demographic maps for your GIS map software and analysis.

Philippines boundaries are available to the Barangays, cities and municipalities administrative levels. Demographic variables include:

1) Name
2) Overseas Worker
3) Relationship to the Household Head
4) Family Nucleus
5) Age
6) Sex
7) Marital Status
8) Religious Affiliation
9) Citizenship
10) Disability
11) Mother Tongue
12) Residence 5 Years Ago
13) Residence 10 Years Ago
14) Residence 5 Years From Now
15) Language
a) Filipino
b) English
16) Literacy
17) School Attendance
18) Place of School
19) Type of School (Public or private)
20) Highest Educational Attainment
21) Usual Activity/Occupation
22) Kind of Business/Industry
23) Place of Work
24) Fertility
a) No. of Children Ever Born
b) No. of Children Still living
c) No. of Children Born Alive from May 1, 1999 to April 30, 2000
d) Age at First Marriage

1) Type of Building/House
2) Construction Material of the Roof
3) Construction Material of the Outer Walls
4) State of Repair
5) Year of Building/House was Built
6) Floor Area of the Housing Unit
7) Fuel for Lighting (Source of Lighting)
8) Fuel for Cooking
9) Main Source of Water Supply
a. Drinking and or Cooking
b. Laundry and or Bathing
10) Tenure Status of the Housing Unit
11) Acquisition of Housing Unit
12) Source of Financing
13) Tenure Status of the Lot
14) Monthly Rental of Housing Unit and/or Lot
15) Kind of Toilet Facility
16) Usual Manner of Garbage Disposal
17) Presence of Household Conveniences
18) Land Ownership
19) Language/dialect generally spoken at home

Other data of interest includes:

Consumer Spending is available for 20 different product categories. Product categories include furniture and furnishings, household textiles, household appliances, glassware and utensils, and tools and equipment for home and garden.

Consumer Styles describe 10 different target groups usable for market segmentation, such as demographics, consumer behavior, and consumer consumption. The target groups range from type A, high earning urban professionals, to type J, low-income younger consumers.

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