Singapore Demographic Maps

LeadDog provides Singapore demographic maps for your GIS map software and analysis. Through our local map data partner, LeadDog licenses the most current and accurate census map boundaries and demographic variables available.

Singapore demographics are available to the planning areas & subzones administrative levels. Demographic variables include:

Age group
Race & Ethnicity
Type of Dwelling
Language Most Frequently Spoken at Home
Level of Education Attending
Usual Mode of Transport to School
Travelling Time to School
Marital Status and Sex
Economic Status and Sex
Language Literate In
Highest Qualification Attained
Working Industry
Gross Monthly Income from Work
Usual Mode of Transport to Work
Travelling Time to Work
Resident Households and Type of Dwelling
Resident Households and Tenancy
Resident Households and Household Structure
Resident Households and Household Size
Monthly Household Income from Work

Other data of interest includes:

Consumer Spending is available for 20 different product categories. Product categories include food and non-alcoholic beverages, alcoholic beverages, tobacco, clothing, and footwear.

Consumer Styles describe 10 different target groups useful for market segmentation, such as demographics, attitudes, and consumer behavior consumption. The target groups include comfortably off empty nesters, well informed modern consumers, affluent highly educated urban families, and younger lower and middle class consumers.

Additional variables available are households by income quintiles, education, and households by type and marital status.

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