Turkey Demographic Maps

LeadDog provides Turkey GIS data demographic maps via its local map data partners. These are the most current and accurate boundaries and demographic variables available.

Turkey boundaries are available to the Mahalle and Ilce (neighborhoods) administrative boundary levels. Demographic variables include education and purchasing power, as well as the following:

Age Range 0-4
Age Range 5-9
Age Range 10-14
Age Range 15-19
Age Range 20-24
Age Range 25-29
Age Range 30-34
Age Range 35-39
Age Range 40-44
Age Range 45-49
Age Range 50-54
Age Range 55-59
Age Range 60-64
Age 65+
Never Married
House Total
Summer House Total
2014 Total Population
2014 Man Population
2014 Woman Population

Other data of interest includes:

Retail Spending reports the proportion of purchasing power that is available for  retail spending.

Consumer Spending is available for 20 different product categories. Product categories include routine household maintenance, medical products and equipment, consumer electronics and IT equipment, durables for recreation and culture, and toys and games for hobby or sport.

Consumer Styles describe 10 different target groups usable for market segmentation, such as demographics, consumer behavior, and consumer consumption. The target groups range from type A, high earning urban professionals, to type J, low-income younger consumers.

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