United Arab Emirates Demographic Maps

LeadDog provides an United Arab Emirates demographic map grid based on population and purchasing power. This innovative demographic approach is necessary as detailed administrative boundaries are not available for UAE.

The United Arab Emirates demographic 1km x 1km grid layer includes:

2012 population year average: total number
2012 population year average: per mill of country
2012 purchasing power: million Euro
2012 purchasing power: per mill of country
2012 purchasing power: Euro per capita
2012 purchasing power: index (country eq. 100)

Purchasing Power data per raster cell is based on the per capita values of the respective administrative sector (Emirates, Dubai Sectors and Abu Dhabi Regions) as listed below:

• Abu Dhabi
• Ajman
• Al Ain
• Al Gharbia
• Dubai – Hatta Exclave
• Dubai – Sector I
• Dubai – Sector II
• Dubai – Sector III
• Dubai – Sector IV
• Dubai – Sector V
• Dubai – Sector VI
• Dubai – Sector VII
• Dubai – Sector VIII (excl. Hatta) and Sector IX
• Fujairah
• Ras Al Khaimah
• Sharjah
• Umm Al Qiwain

Other data of interest includes:

Consumer Spending is available for 20 different product categories. Product categories include furniture and furnishings, household textiles, household appliances, glassware and utensils, and tools and equipment for home and garden.

Consumer Styles describe 10 different target groups usable for market segmentation, such as demographics, consumer behavior, and consumer consumption. The target groups range from type A, high earning urban professionals, to type J, low-income younger consumers.

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