Newfoundland & Labrador HERE (NAVTEQ) GIS Map

LeadDog provides Newfoundland and Labrador HERE Map Content (formerly NAVTEQ). If your GIS application requires block level or point address ranges, spatially accurate streets and routing attributes (one-ways, turn restrictions), these are the most up-to-date maps available.

Contact LeadDog to discuss your map data requirements and receive a fast quote for mapping that exactly fits your need. If you have customized technical requirements, it will be our pleasure to assist.

HERE maps are available by province or these census divisions:

Division No. 1 HERE (NAVTEQ) GIS Map- includes Avalon Peninsula, St. John’s
Division No. 2 HERE (NAVTEQ) GIS Map- covers Burin Peninsula, Marystown
Division No. 3 HERE (NAVTEQ) GIS Map- includes South Coast, Channel, Port aux Basques
Division No. 4 HERE (NAVTEQ) GIS Map- includes St. George’s, Stephenville
Division No. 5 HERE (NAVTEQ) GIS Map- covers Humber District, Corner Brook
Division No. 6 HERE (NAVTEQ) GIS Map- covers Central Newfoundland, Grand Falls, Windsor
Division No. 7 HERE (NAVTEQ) GIS Map- covers Bonavista/Trinity, Clarenville
Division No. 8 HERE (NAVTEQ) GIS Map- covers Notre Dame Bay, Lewisporte
Division No. 9 HERE (NAVTEQ) GIS Map- covers Northern Peninsula, St. Anthony
Division No. 10 HERE (NAVTEQ) GIS Map- includes Labrador, Happy Valley, Goose Bay
Division No. 11 HERE (NAVTEQ) GIS Map- includes Nunatsiavut, Nain

Commercial high resolution satellite maps from multiple sources available for license.