Digital Map Products: Major Roads

LeadDog’s Major Roads & Highways provides a 1:250,000 scale or better nationwide vector map database. Major Roads & Highways integrates seamlessly with the City Streets product for complete nationwide coverage and GIS data.

The Major Roads & Highways digital map product includes:

  • Major Roads & Highways – detailed and spatially accurate road centerlines.
  • Road Names – names are available in English Romanization and the local language.
  • Road Classifications – identifies the type of road i.e., interstate, major, avenue, dirt.
  • Administrative Boundaries (Country/Province/Municipal) – accurate and seamless with coastal streets, roads and coastline.
  • City/Town/Place Points – includes codes for capital, province, municipal, large urban area and locality.
  • Railroads – major railroad lines.
  • Water – major rivers and lakes attributed with names.
  • Urban Area Polygons – accurate urban / rural delineation with city name.
  • National Parks – major national, state parks and preserves.
  • Airports – major airports and airfields.
  • Contours (when licensed) – optional layer based on client requirements.
Major Roads sample image

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