Map Server

LeadDog and iMaptools have teamed to deliver complete GIS data mapping solutions, reverse geocoding and routing solutions that work with LeadDog map data and run on your servers. These are cost effective solutions that provide the geospatial infrastructure you need now. Our software is site licensed and comes with source code to protect your investment and to maximize your ability to use it in your environment. Our software product solutions use a mix of OpenSource tools and custom code to build fully integrated solutions that we can drop on your servers and have you up and running in days.

The iMapServer solution:

The iMapServer product puts a full mapping solution on your servers and provides a sample Web 2.0 browser map viewing application showing the maps you have licensed. The map browser has full pan, zoom and lots of other functionality and is based on the OpenLayers API. We use UMN Mapserver rendering engine for the generation of map images. Typical users have this up and running on their servers within a day of downloading the solution.

We will do the installation or assist you in the setup and work with you to make sure you have a detailed plan on how to move forward and integrate the maps into your infrastructure. Current clients are serving in excess of 1.5 billion map draws a year.

Very important: This solution has unlimited page views and usage. You own the software after purchase. There are no additional, hidden costs. No map page, map view limits. Protect your investment and optimize your business operations without getting whacked on the back end by a map service provider.

The iMapServer product has a Reverse Geocoding and Routing / Navigation module option.