Are you stuck paying annual map license fees?

Are you stuck paying annual mapping license fees?  Or have the need to re-evaluate your map data model?   Maybe it’s time to do some due diligence and potentially save some money?  If so, read on.

As a commercial GIS map data provider, we know the value of verified, ‘home grown’ GIS mapping.  This has been our core market for 14 years.  It’s in our genes.  In this dynamic mapping world, however, there are growing alternatives in the open data world that can fulfill the data requirements of many clients. 

As the open map data world matures, particularly in the USA, Canada, Europe, Australia and many other traditionally strong GIS data markets, we are helping clients evaluate whether a more open data approach can help them reduce map license costs.

In some instances, the answer is ‘no’. For example, they need robust attributes such as street addressing that is still a strong point with commercial GIS data.  

In other use cases, the answer is ‘yes’.   Usually the answer isn’t as straightforward as substituting one map for the other.  For example, there is data format customization, specific data and layers requirements, merging of data sets and creation of additional map data content.  It usually isn’t epic but it does take a thoughtful, measured approach to make the transition. 

We are happy to help you evaluate your map data needs.  No agenda.  If what you have works, then you should stick with it.   If there is an alternative, let’s explore it.