About LeadDog

With map coverage for over 130 countries, LeadDog’s digital map products are used by customers in every corner of the world. For over a decade, LeadDog has been developing its map databases of high quality global GIS street mapping data to support the needs of customers across many industries, such as: enterprise, consumer, and mobile asset management, as well as to meet the needs of the government, military and intelligence community who have come to count on us for our expertise in mapping the most volatile and hard-to-reach regions of the world.

As a small, private GIS data mapping company our success is realized by consistently providing unparalleled products and customer service. We work closely with our customers to help determine the best solution for their particular application, and if one of our off-the-shelf products does not align with all of the requirements, or we have not yet mapped a particular area of interest, we have the unique ability to assign project resources and provide the defined end product in an extremely timely manner.

Inc. magazine profiled Jim Anderson, LeadDog’s Founder in January 2010.   Check out the article, “How to make a million in your pajamas“.

For you endurance sports enthusiasts, you can check out Jim’s side project:  www.theendurancedrive.com for triathlon, swim and endurance related content.