Albania GIS Maps & Data

LeadDog provides a detailed set of GIS street and road maps for Albania. With accurate and up-to-date maps, our maps are in use by asset-tracking, site selection, online mapping and other companies within Albania. The maps are offered in three levels:

Base maps – These basic street maps show Albania’s road names and country boundaries. They also include street vector information for all major cities, towns and villages in Albania. These base maps are appropriate for asset-tracking and map display.

Standard maps – These maps display Albania’s complete street network in addition to the road information included in the base maps. They also feature major points of interest such as train stations, hospitals, shops, cinemas, historical monuments, etc. These standard maps of Albania are appropriate for more advanced asset-tracking, fleet-management and address geocoding.

Premium maps – Complete navigational details are featured on these maps. They include Albania’s roadway speeds, driving restrictions, toll areas and other important street information. They also contain the street and point of interest details from the other two map levels. These premium maps of Albania are appropriate for applications requiring detailed navigation attributes.

Alternatively, European open map data may be a solution to consider. One of the biggest advantages of moving to an open data model is the elimination of annual map fees. Read our article on, “ARE YOU STUCK PAYING ANNUAL MAP LICENSE FEES?” Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Postal Codes
2-digit postal code boundaries are available. 

Demographics are available to the postal code and Rrethe administrative boundary level. Demographics include population by age bands, disposable household income, retail spending and turnover and consumer spending.