Saudi Arabia GIS Maps & Data

LeadDog offers HERE (formerly NAVTEQ) Map Content and LeadDog GIS maps for Saudi Arabia. If your application requires routing, street addresses and comprehensive points of interest, these are the most complete maps available.

LeadDog licenses these maps based on your exact specifications. Get the maps you need; pay for only what is required.  Contact us to ensure you receive an accurate quote for your Saudi Arabia map data.

If you require online Saudi Arabia maps via API or other protocols, we offer several map developer options to exactly fit your map application.

3D city models available for Makkah with 5 meter Digital Terrain Model (DTM) and landuse classes such as dense urban buildings, residential areas, and forested lands. Vector layers such as highways, major roads, and railways are also included.

Points of interest include 415,000 locations such as post offices, railway stations, gas stations, and ATMs.

Demographics are available to the governorates and Muhafazat administrative levels and include population, gender and purchasing power.

Commercial high resolution satellite maps from multiple sources available for license.