GIS Map Products

With coverage for over 120 countries, LeadDog’s digital map products are used by customers in every corner of the world. For over a decade LeadDog has been developing high quality vector mapping data to support the needs of customers across many industries such as enterprise, consumer, and mobile asset management, as well as to meet the needs of the government, military and intelligence community who have come to count on us for our expertise in mapping the most volatile and little-known regions of the world.

Whether your application requires highly detailed mapping at the city level, broad coverage at the nationwide level, or a combination of both, LeadDog provides spatially accurate, topologically correct map databases containing many layers of information such as streets and major roads, extensive POI’s, landmarks, administrative boundaries, urban areas, water features, and routing attributes, to name a few. LeadDog’s databases follow a consistent file layout across all countries, offer seamless cross-border connectivity and are available in all standard GIS formats.