Singapore GIS Maps & Data

LeadDog licenses HERE (formerly NAVTEQ) Map Content GIS maps for Singapore. If your enterprise relies on spatially accurate GIS data, HERE maps provide verified map data such as routing attributes, building level addresses and 3D buildings.

Additional content such as postal code boundaries, core POI, and point addressing are available.

Points of interest total over 170,000 for Singapore and include amusement parks, auto dealerships, city centers, and grocery stores.

Demographics are available to the planning areas and subzones administrative boundary levels. Demographic variables include purchasing power, population and socioeconomic levels.

Singapore Post Codes: Presented as points as Singapore adopts a building-by-building post code system. The post codes are in six numeric digit format. Our database has 120,000 post code records which cover over 95% of existing valid post codes.

Commercial high resolution satellite maps from multiple sources available for license.

Singapore HERE / NAVTEQ Map

Singapore HERE / NAVTEQ Map