Singapore GIS Maps & Data

LeadDog provides a detailed set of island-wide GIS street and road maps for Singapore. With accurate and up-to-date maps, our maps are in use by government, fleet logistics and GPS tracking, retail site selection, online mapping and other companies within Singapore.

Singapore Island-wide maps: Street Centerlines with street names, Street Outlines, Railways with route names, Rivers, Canals & Lakes, Landmarks with names and categories: Mosque, Church, Embassy, Hospital, Post Office, Office Building, High School, University, Gov’t. Building, Mall / Market, Apartment, Gas Station, Car Park, Bus Station, Golf Course, Buildings, Landuse with categories: Housing, Industrial, Village_Low_Density, Commercial.

Complementary text layers: Separate text layers are made for cartographic presentation purposes, derived from name attribute values in the other layers and using up-to-date complementary map information sources. This includes:

  • Landmark name attribute values from Landmark layer
  • Residential, Building Complex, Development and Industry area names
  • River/Canal & Lake name attribute values from River Layer and more

Administrative boundaries: District (Kotamadya/Kabupaten), Sub District (Kecamatan) and Village (Desa/Kelurahan).

Singapore Post Codes: Presented as points as Singapore adopts a building-by-building post code system. The post codes are in six numeric digit format. Our database has 120,000 post code records which cover over 95% of existing valid post codes.

Demographics are available to the Planning Areas and Subzones levels.