Points of Interest

LeadDog’s partner network offers the best available data for point of interest locations worldwide. Through HERE Maps, our local data partner network, and international suppliers, allow us to find the right information at the right price for your application.

International Suppliers:
Providing a premium range of POI datasets with highly valuable attributes including phone numbers, webpages, brand name, operation hours, and street level addresses. Point of interest products through our international suppliers can be sold separately or as a complete package- contact us with your requirements for the best price.
HERE Maps:
Find reliable points of interest for your application with HERE (formerly NAVTEQ) Maps. HERE points of interest are available for a wide selection of international countries and hundreds of categories including banks, gas stations, places of worship, hotels, airports, city centers, and schools.
Local Data Partner Network:
LeadDog local data partners provide a range of points and areas of interest for localities worldwide. Find building level points of interest such as government buildings, hotels, banks, businesses and cell towers with features such as address, name, website, phone, and a geo-tagged street-level image. Consider our POI+PIC imagery for locations associated with StreetLevel Imagery.
Contact us today to find the perfect solution for your GIS point of interest applications.