Vietnam GIS Maps & Data

LeadDog provides a detailed set of GIS street and road maps for Vietnam. With accurate and up-to-date maps, our local partner maps are in use by GPS tracking, retail site selection, engineering, online mapping and other companies within Vietnam.

Vietnam GIS maps consist of the following layers and options:

Road network: full Vietnam map coverage includes a routing road network of 180,000 km. The roads are especially detailed for all cities and towns with full name, address, one-ways and more.

Landuse Type: full Vietnam coverage land types include annual cropland, aquaculture, cemetery, cultural, defense, dumping ground, education, forest, government office, grassland, health, industrial park, irrigation, landscapes, market, other agricultural, production and business, religious, rice field, rural, salt, security, sport, telecommunication, transport, unused, urban, and water surfaces.

Points of interest for Vietnam total over 350,000 locations and include 72 categories such as airports, banks, parks, police stations, and schools.

Administrative Area Boundaries: full Vietnam with four levels: Level 1 – Country. Level 2 – Province/City: 5 big cities (Ha Noi, Ho Chi Minh, Hai Phong, Da Nang, Can Tho) and 58 provinces. Level 3 – District/Town: 548 districts and 137 towns. Level 4 – Commune/Ward: 9103 communes and 1897 wards.

Building Outlines: Polygons for Ho Chi Minh, Ha Noi, Da Nang, and Da Lat are available.

2010 Vietnam demographics are available to the  provinces, districts, and communes administrative levels. Demographics include population, purchasing power and socioeconomic levels.

3D city model is available for the city of Nam Dinh which includes 5 meter Digital Terrain Model (DTM), landclasses which include, but are not limited to: inland water, open urban areas, dense urban areas as well as airports and industrial. 3D vector data includes streets, roads, rails, water, and airports.

Commercial high resolution satellite maps from multiple sources available for license.