Thailand GIS Maps & Data

LeadDog provides, through its local map partner, a detailed set of GIS street and road maps for Thailand. With accurate and up-to-date maps, these maps are in use by government, fleet logistics, GPS tracking, site selection, online mapping and other companies within Thailand.

Thailand street maps cover the capital city Bangkok at 1:4,000 scale. Our Bangkok layers include:

  1. Administrative Boundaries- municipal, sub-district, district, and province
  2. Transportation Network- main road, minor road, road, expressway, mass transit, railway, and future projects
  3. Places of Interest- city hall, town hall, landmark, junction/intersections, and toll stations
  4. River and Water Body- main river, river, and water body
  5. Additional Features- postcode, park and recreation reserves, and city planning areas

We also have street map data for 146 cities at 1:12,500 scale. Please contact us for the full city list.

Thailand GIS maps include streets, street names, street classifications, extensive points of interests, parks, water, neighborhood points and railroads. Routing / navigation versions are available. All maps are updated regularly.

Thailand Major Roads & Highways – The major roads infrastructure at 1:50,000 scale nationwide with administrative boundaries, place points, airports, water, railroads and urban area polygons.

Thailand Demographics at the Sub-district, District and Province Boundaries: based on a scale of 1:50,000, includes number of male, female, total population and number of households.