Panama GIS Maps & Data

LeadDog distributes HERE Map Content GIS maps for Panama. If your business relies on spatial GIS data that is accurate and verified, HERE maps provide comprehensive data such as points of interest, digital terrain models, and address range.

Points of interest include 41,654 locations around Panama with categories such as restaurants, banks, and hotels.

Demographics are available to the distritos administrative boundary levels. Panama demographics include population by age bands, disposable household income, purchasing power and socioeconomic levels.

Traffic counts are available in Panama City or nationwide. The traffic counters indicate the average number of vehicles intersection traveled each day. This value is the result of field surveys by direct counting daily for determination of places for the location of businesses and new outlets.

Daytime population are available for Panama City or nationwide. It is the daily average population identified with 6 algorithms complex data based on satellite imagery and sensors detecting radiation and CO2 emissions.

Commercial high resolution satellite maps
 from multiple sources available for license.