HERE (formerly NAVTEQ) Maps

LeadDog Consulting provides HERE Map products. HERE (formerly NAVTEQ) delivers a worldwide map network of 190 countries. Quick links to popular North American maps: US Maps, Canada Maps & Mexico Maps.

HERE Map Content the most comprehensive data available from HERE, we can provide HERE Map Content for a variety of different uses such as routing attributes, GIS map display, geocoding with postcodes, and a variety of applications including retail site analysis, engineering and fleet logistics.

Some key features available with HERE Map Content include:
  • 2D street attributes
  • 3D streets and city models
  • Address Ranges
  • Census Boundaries
  • Census ID
  • Core POI
  • Digital Terrain Model
  • Point Addressing
  • Postal Code Boundaries
  • Postal Code Points
  • Speed Limits
  • TMC Location Codes
  • Toll Costs
  • Traffic Signals and Stop signs
  • Transit and pedestrian content
HERE Industry Solutions:

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