Hong Kong & Macau GIS Maps & Data

LeadDog provides, through its local map partner, a detailed set of GIS street, road, POI building outlines and demographic maps for Hong Kong. With accurate and up-to-date spatial data, our maps are in use by government, logistics and asset-tracking, site selection and online mapping.

Hong Kong maps include streets, street names, street classifications, points of interests, parks, harbors, district boundaries and the Mass Transit Railway system. These maps are very detailed and accurate. All maps are updated annually.  Non-routing and navigation versions are available.

Hong Kong building outlines including all commercial, industrial and residential buildings  with number of stories, building name, building addressing and district name.

There are two sets of district boundaries available:
1) Constituency Boundaries is primarily used for District Councils and Legislative Council elections. There are 405 constituencies grouped into 18 main districts. The demarcation is done on the principle that each constituency should contain similar size of population.
2) Common District Boundaries: This is a set of 137 boundaries used by the general public for specifying locations and addresses and is considered more appropriate for logistics and business planning.

Hong Kong POIs (Points of Interest)
This is a comprehensive database of commercial and social POIs. Datasets included are:
Social and Public Facilities such as: Leisure and Recreational Facilities, Schools and Universities, Hospitals and Public Clinics, Government-run Markets, Post Offices, Police Stations, Religious Sites, Government Department Headquarters

Commercial POIs: Residential Housing Estates, Villages in Rural Areas, Railway and Subways Exits, Piers, Gas Stations, Public Car Parks, Bus Terminus, Hotels, Bank Branch Offices, Bank ATMs, Jockey  Club Betting Centers, Restaurants, Shopping Spots, Supermarkets, Convenient Stores and a  whole series of retail outlets in various product categories.

Hong Kong Census Map contains 12 representative thematic map layers official census data published by Census and Statistics Department of Hong Kong government.

We can also provide Macau vector mapping.  Layers include: Streets, POI, Building Block Polygons, Parks, Inland Water, Land Boundaries. (There is no railway or subway systems in Macau.) Attributes are in Traditional Chinese and English.

Demographic data including population, household, purchasing power, consumer spending, and gender are available. This demographic data includes postal code and Shih/Zizhiqu and constituencies administrative boundary levels.

Commercial high resolution satellite maps from multiple sources available for license.

Other regional maps of interest are LeadDog’s China GIS maps.