Satellite Maps

LeadDog offers high resolution satellite maps for virtually any area worldwide at resolutions ranging from 30 cm, 50 cm,1.5 meter, 2.5 meter & 5 meter resolution.

While obtaining satellite maps can be fairly easy, LeadDog takes a comprehensive approach to exactly match your requirement with the proper imagery. We research every and all imagery archives, review for the best vintage, scan for clouds, snow or leaf cover, inspect camera angles and visual quality. Our in-depth imagery research provides our clients with the best imagery for their application. If no imagery exists, we are able to task a satellite for new collection. Imagery mosaic and ortho-rectification is available and recommended in many cases.

Please contact us with your area of interest (jpg, MapInfo, ArcGIS shape, Google Earth, Google Maps, Shape/TAB file or kml are preferred). Please note satellite maps is licensed per sq km, your exact area of interest is important from a research and pricing perspective.

Satellite imagery is often used in conjunction with LeadDog’s vector GIS products City Streets and Major Roads & Highways to provide intelligence and reference to the raster imagery.

If you require street-level imagery, please inquire about our StreetLevel Imagery worldwide.