LeadDog provides international postcodes and administrative boundaries for virtually all countries worldwide. Postcodes are provided in either polygon or point format in GIS vector formats to help you create visual address ranges and services. Through HERE Maps, international suppliers, and local data partners, LeadDog can provide up-to-date administrative boundaries worldwide for the best solution to your product needs.

We offer postcode boundary coverage worldwide. Postcode boundary coverage includes Western and Eastern Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and Brazil. 

Postcode points coverage is available worldwide. Most countries have coverage including India, Canada, the United States, the United Kingdom, South Africa, China and many other countries.

Postcodes and Administrative boundaries can be integrated with our City Streets and Major Roads & Highways products as well as MapInfo, ArcGIS shape, Google Maps, Google Earth, KML/KMZ documents, or however your application requires. Please contact us for more information.