Iraq GIS Maps & Data

LeadDog provides detailed GIS street, road vector maps, and satellite imagery for Iraq. LeadDog provided the first commercially available Iraq GIS data and GPS vector maps and currently has tens of thousands of map users. Our trusted maps provide comprehensive GIS Mapping Data to the military, private security, non-government organizations, GPS asset-tracking and other organizations operating in Iraq.

LeadDog Iraq City Streets maps cover the following cities:

Baghdad Map Basra Map An-Najaf, Al-Kufah Map
Fallujah Map Hit Map Ad-Diwaniyah Map
As-Sulaymaniyah Map Ramadi Map Kubaisa Map
Al-Amarah Map Hilla (Al-Hillah) Map Kerbela (Karbala)Map
Al-Asad Map Al-Kut Map Irbil Map
Kirkuk Map Haditha Map Mosul (Al-Mawsil)Map
Tikrit Map Al-Faw Map Samarra Map
Dahuk Map Umm Qasr Map Az Zubayr Map
Ba Qubah Map An Nasariyah Map As Samawah Map
Suq Ash Shayukh Map Koi Sonjaq Map

Other city maps are available. Please contact us.

Iraq City Streets maps include streets, street names, street classifications, points of interests, landuse, water, neighborhood points and railroads. Routing / navigation versions are available. All maps are updated regularly.

Iraq Major Roads & Highways- Seamlessly integrated with the City Streets product, our nationwide Major Roads map set includes all major highways and roads, city/town/place points, railroads, airports, water (significant lakes & rivers), detailed urban area polygons, national parks and administrative boundaries (country/province/municipal). Contours and landclass are also available. Scale: 1:250,000 or better.

Commercial high resolution satellite maps from multiple sources available for license. 

LeadDog distributes Iraq demographic maps for your GIS map software and analysis.

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