Ecuador Demographic Maps

LeadDog provides Ecuador demographic maps for your GIS map software and analysis. Through our local map data partners LeadDog distributes the most current and accurate census map boundaries and demographic variables available.

Ecuador boundaries are available to the Sectores level with over 40,000 polygons nationwide. Demographic variables include:

Province enumeration
Name Province
Living Province (km2)
Canton enumeration
Name of Canton
Canton Area (km2)
Planning Areas
Parish registration
City or rural parish
Name of Parish
Parish area (km2)
Census area
Census Tract

Urban or Rural Area
Type of housing
Type of housing clustered
Main access to housing
Condition of housing occupancy
Material of roof or cover
Roof state
Material exterior wall
State of the exterior walls
Floor Material
State Floor
Main source of water received
Piped water connection
Type of toilet facility or toilet
Source of electricity
Tenure electricity meter
Number of saving bulbs (fluorescent)
Number of conventional bulbs (incandescent)
Garbage disposal
Number of rooms
Existence of households in housing
Number of households in housing
Total persons in housing
Number of bedrooms in the dwelling
Total of persons per room in housing
Total persons per bedroom in the house
Homes with remittances
Total migrants
Homes with Older Adults

Number of household in the dwelling
Number of unique bedrooms at home
no bedroom
Upscale kitchen
Washroom or toilet home
Facilities and / or shower for bathing
Main fuel or energy to cook
Hometown drinking water
Availability conventional telephone
Availability Cell Phone
Availability of internet
Features computer
It offers cable TV
Value last payment of electricity
Pay electricity in the lease or pay
Someone working out of town or rural parish
Total of people working out of town or rural parish
Someone studying outside the city or rural parish
Total of people studying outside the city or rural parish
Possession or home ownership
He received money from abroad in 2010
They traveled abroad and still not returned since November 2001
Total persons who traveled abroad from November 2001
Total persons in the household
Total male at home
Total of women in the home

Serial number of the person at home
Relationship to the / the boss / a household
Year age groups
Broad age groups
Month of birth
Year of birth
Has certificate of Ecuadorian citizenship
He is enrolled in the Registry
Have private health insurance
Permanent disability for more than one year
Intellectual disability (mental retardation)
Physical Disability Motor (paralysis and amputations)
Visual Impairment (Blind)
Hearing Impaired (Deaf)
Mental disability (mental illness, insanity)
Currently attending special education establishment
Place of birth
Province of birth
Canton of birth
City or rural parish of birth
Year of arrival in Ecuador
Place of residence
Province of habitual residence
Canton of habitual residence
City or rural parish of habitual residence
Where he lived five years ago (November 2005)
Province where he lived five years ago (November 2005)
Canton where he lived five years ago (November 2005)
City or rural parish where he lived five years ago (November 2005)
The father speaks (ba) usually Indigenous language
Mother talks (ba) usually Indigenous language
The father speaks (ba) usually Castilian / Spanish language
Mother talks (ba) usually Castilian / Spanish language
The father speaks (ba) usually Foreign Language
Mother talks (ba) Foreign language usually
The father does not speak (ba) usually any language
The mother does not speak (ba) usually any language
Talk Indigenous language
Indigenous Language Spoken
Speech language Catellano / Spanish
Speaks Foreign Language
He does not speak any language
Self-identification by culture and customs
Pueblo Indian nationality or it belongs
Child (a) participating in the program INFA
Child (a) participates in the Ministry of Education Program
Child (a) participate in private child Center Program
Child (a) participate in public child Center Program
Child (a) participates in other programs
Child (a) cared for the mother, father, relatives or acquaintances Free
Child (a) cared for relatives or acquaintances paying them
In the last six months has been used Cellphone
In the last six months has used the Internet
In the last six months has been used Computer
Currently attends a regular school setting
Establishment of regular education that assists
Highest level of education that attends or attended
Degree course or higher year who attends or attended
Levels of schooling (Current System)
Levels of schooling (Previous System)
It postsecondary degree cycle, superior or graduate
Title of postsecondary cycle, superior or graduate
What did last week
If you have NOT worked
Type of activity
Industry (First Level)
Group of occupation (First Level)
Occupation Category
Occupation Category
Number of hours worked
Working inside or outside the home
Marital status
Contribution or affiliation to the Social Security
Total of children born alive
Total live births
Total daughters born alive
Total of sons and daughters who are currently alive
At what age had her first child born alive
In what year was your last child born alive had
In what month their last child had been born alive
This live the last child born alive

Sequence number of migrant
Migrant sex
Age to leave the country
Year age groups of migrants
Year from leaving the country
Current country of residence
Main reason for trip

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