Connecticut HERE (NAVTEQ) GIS Map

LeadDog licenses Connecticut HERE Map Content (formerly NAVTEQ). HERE GIS maps are continuously updated to reflect new point addresses, newly constructed streets and roads and points of interest.  These maps are in use by local and state governments, GPS tracking, fleet logistics and online map portals.

We work with each client to ensure their geospatial budget is wisely spent.  Contact us to review your GIS map specifications and obtain an accurate price.   Need custom map formatting?  Let us help; we can customize your map delivery to speed your GIS map deployment.

HERE maps are licensed by state or county:

Fairfield County HERE (NAVTEQ) GIS Map – includes cities of Bridgeport and Stamford
Hartford County HERE (NAVTEQ) GIS Map
Litchfield County HERE (NAVTEQ) GIS Map
Middlesex County HERE (NAVTEQ) GIS Map
New Haven County HERE (NAVTEQ) GIS Map – includes New Haven city
New London County HERE (NAVTEQ) GIS Map
Tolland County HERE (NAVTEQ) GIS Map
Windham County HERE (NAVTEQ) GIS Map

Commercial high resolution satellite maps from multiple sources available for license.